Pen does not move immediately

I bought a HUION H610PRO. In some programs (but not all) I have trouble getting the pen to move a small distance. I have to drag it a large distance and then it will snap to where my mouse is. This problem happens in ZBrush, Maya, and surprisingly, even the tablet's own driver app. It does not happen in Google Chrome though. People with Wacom tablets have solved a similar issue by unchecking "Use Windows Ink" on their driver application, but there is no such option on my HUION driver app. I have disabled all press-and-hold pen settings in the Windows settings. Please help. Attaching a video showing the issue in the driver app and ZBrush. 

  • The drivers I had were out of date, the new drivers seem to work

  • Hi Melanie Templin, I'm glad your pen works fine using the new drivers. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support