Dual screen

Is there a way i can set up mu kamvas 16pro to also display on a secondary monitor? I have played around with different hdmi setups but no luck yet. Can it be done? I need to view my work on a bigger screen sometimes and dont want to have to unplug and replug cables all the time.
  • You need a graphics card with 2 inputs. Plug each monitor into their own port. Go to the huion tool where you set up your pen and buttons. If you have buttons you can set one of them to switch between monitors in the Press Key section. I'm running into a separate problem. I Used to be able to have 3 button presses where I could switch from one monitor to the next as well as switch to a mode where I could move across both monitors at the same time. That doesn't seem to be working since the latest update. If you figure that out can you reply here and let me know your findings? 

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