Pen to screen detection very weak and jittery

I have a Huion H610Pro for a while now and I accidentally dropped my Pen80 that it originally came with. Unfortunately it broke when I dropped it making it hover and draw even without it touching the screen. I tried to fix the pen following some instructions on youtube on how to disassemble and solder it back. I noticed that its graphite thing had broken in half so I guess fixing that was hopeless. I bought a new Pen80 as a replacement and it works fine but the problem is that the pen needs to be literally almost touching the screen just to hover. I can only describe it as like a weak detection with the screen. Pressure is fine but when I hover over the tablet move somewhere else, it sometimes jitters trying to get there and will only start drawing smoothly again when I tap it on the tablet. Any advice? Notes: - I've replaced the nibs multiple times already - Problem still persists even if fully charged - I cant seem to disassemble this pen unlike the first one that broke, I'm assuming this has been glued
  • Hi Rouelle Jessie, I'm sorry to know about what happened with your pens. Please try using your tablet without the driver and check if the sensing height is still low. This will help us check whether the issue is caused by the driver or not. If it still has the same problem even without the driver, it is possible that your pen may have some defects. If that is so, please send the following to so we can further test your hardware:

    • Serial number of both your tablet and the new pen you purchased (the pen's serial number can be found on the box)
    • Your computer operating system
    • Version of the tablet driver you've installed

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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