Kamvas 13 tray says device disconencted.

I have used this tablet on this computer for the past year and now I have moved to a new apartment. When I connected the Kamvas 13 again it says device is disconnected even though device shows as another screen. I cannot use the pen on it or select work area or anything. We have uninstalled the drivers, reinstalled them. The tablet works on other computer and the usb ports seem to be fine because I can plug other things on them with no issue. I do not know what is the issue. 

Please I could use help. 


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  • Hi victoria parra, since the tablet works on other computers, it is possible that the issue is with your computer's USB ports. Did you encounter any error messages when you plugged your tablet into your computer's USB port? Kindly try the steps found in this article: How to fix “USB device not recognized” error on Huion Kamvas 13? Just try the steps even when you didn't experience the said error. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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