Kamvas pro 16 black screen

 I've used my kamvas for almost a year, One day I cannot get to turn on the screen: red standby light, pen works fine as I can see in my pc, screen is black.

I already tested in another computer (laptop) with the same result, I checked the FAQs step by step (what to do if the screen is black...blablabla) and it doesn't work.

I've  uninstalled/reinstalled both drivers (graphic card and huion monitor) but nothing changes.

Any help?

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  • Hi Beatriz Io, it is possible that your cable may have been broken. Kindly send the following to service@huion.com so we can assist you further:

    • Serial number (after S/N at the back of your tablet)
    • Order number
    • A video of your cable connection from your tablet to your computer and what happens when you switch on your tablet.
    • Please add a summary of what steps you've done so far.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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