Mouse Location Not Set To Pen Location

Hiya, I'm using a Kamvas Pro 20 ( where the location of the mouse seems to be saved for when I go from using a pen back to using a mouse. This becomes a huge problem when using any software that cares about the location of the mouse, as it'll use the mouse's saved location rather than the location of the pen.

In the video below you'll see me zoom in and out thrice with my mouse, then switch from using a mouse to using the pen while attempting the same zoom using the scrolly press key on the tablet instead of the one on the mouse

The zoom in/out cares not about where my mouse cursor is currently, but rather about where the mouse cursor was saved. If I were to, for example, move my mouse off of the drawing program, I'll be unable to zoom at all. This problem exists for all drawing software, making it virtually impossible to zoom in and out properly (as well as panning efficiently)

Is there any way to fix this?

  • Hi Terra Reveene, thank you for providing the video and for the details. May you please unable "Windows Ink" and check if this will resolve your issue? Please let me know if this works or not. I have forwarded your concern to our factory for further review as well in case it doesn't. I'll let you know once I receive their feedback.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  •  Hi, I recently bought a KAMVAS 16, and have the same issue. Turning Windows Ink off solves it, but then I lose the functionalities I want from it, so it would be better to find a permanent solution for this!

    I noticed that, even with windows ink enabled, if the HUION app is open and has focus, the issue goes away and the mouse location follows the pen location as expected. But as soon as the HUION window loses focus, that is, I click on any other windows, be it with the mouse or pen, the issue comes back.



  •  Just another weird thing I noticed: if I set a button to PAN/SCROLL the locations "sync" when I press it, so it`s an issue that certainly can be fixed!

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