Problems with new driver / software


I'm a new user of both Huion devices and pen tablets, and I wanted to share some problems/ideas for the pen tablet software. I use the Kamvas Pro 20 (2019).

  1. Using driver v14.8.137, I was very happy to see that I can bind different hotkeys to the buttons on the right and left side of my display.
    However, when I downloaded v15.3.19.151 a few days ago when it released, I noticed that this feature is gone and any hotkeys I bind are automatically mirrored over to the other side. :/
    Eight hotkeys + touchbar are not enough for me. Until this is possible in v15.3, I'll keep using v14.8.
    Other than that, I loved what I saw in v15. The new UI and hotkey possibilities (media control etc.) were very much needed. :)

  2. One major feature that I'm missing is the possibility to have multiple profiles with different hotkeys for each.
    I appreciate the ability to use different hotkeys for different programs, but for drawing and all it's different stages I need more than 16 hotkeys, e.g.:
    - Profile A for sketching and linearting, with zoom on the touchbar and rotation, lasso, transform etc. on the hotkeys, because that's what I need for linework.
    - Profile B for coloring, shading and backgrounds, with brush size on the touchbar and bucket fill, blend modes etc. on the hotkeys, because that's what I need for coloring.
    - Profile C for anything outside of my software, with scrolling on the touchbar and switch screens, media control etc. on the hotkeys.

  3. Speaking of the touchbar... I would love to see some kind of speed control for it. Currently I need to drag up or down multilple times to considerably change my brush size.
    In driver v14.8, I found a workaround by just inputting the key for brush size control multiple times, but in version 15.3 that doesn't work either because of the way you input the hotkeys.
    I would love to see an option to increase the sensitivity of the touchbar.

That's it for now. Curious to see your thoughts and if it's possible to implement those things. :)

  • Hi Dominik, thank you for your feedback on our drivers. These will be forwarded to our software engineers.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  • Hi Orliza, thanks for the response and forwarding.

    If there's any news regarding those points, I'd love to hear about it here.
    But I understand if that's not possible - I'll keep an eye on driver updates and release notes. :)

  • Hi Dominik, thank you for your patience. You can just check our official website for updates on the drivers. Unfortunately, I could not guarantee that all the features you've mentioned can be done. What I can assure you though is that your feedback has been forwarded to our software engineers. 

    We appreciate your feedback and please don't hesitate to post more. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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