HUION H420 Working Area

Windows 10, Windows Ink auto activated. Last Driver_12.4.2 2018-11-12 installed from your page.

The working area configured not working. I put a little working area for signature but the tablet continues using all the screen.

  • Hi Jorge Duran, may you please provide a screenshot of your tablet driver settings so we can check? Please try to reinstall the driver and make sure that the tablet is not connected to the computer as you do so and see if this will resolve your issue. Restart your computer as well after reinstallation since at times, the settings may only be saved after restarting.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi Orliza, 

    This is a customer tablet, I installed the V8 driver I have stored, because your new drivers always has problems. Exists hundreds of posts in forums with this problems, looking for V8 driver. And exists users that made a software for define the working area.

    The next time I purchase a new one i write to you again.

    But you know this problems, and I write to you in the past when you renew the driver when I use the V8 and you stoped to display the screenshot when I define the working area for signature purposes.

    I view that you did not worry before and now neither.



  • Hi J DR, rest assured we continue to find ways to improve and fix our drivers. However, please do understand that computer operating system settings and software settings continuously have changes; thus, we also have to update our drivers to adjust to those changes. Please do let us know more information whenever you encounter issues with our drivers so we can help find a solution. Thank you for your quick reply.

    Best Regards, 

    HUION Customer Supportt

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