Change Minimum and Maximum pressure

Hi, after years of using wacom tablets I decided to upgrade from my 13 inch Cintiq to a 20 inch Kamvas.

If there is 1 option I really miss having it would be not being able to set the trigger point, or as wacom calls it the 'click threshold', or not being able to set my max pressure. 

Having a customizable trigger point, would allow me to have physical contact with my tablet, before I actually put down a stroke, or before it is considered a mouseclick. It just feels 'too sensitive' without a trigger point. 
Right now it feels like before I even feel contact with the tablet surface a click or a stroke has already been registered. If you had a little bit of contact with the surface and you had to apply a bit more pressure with the pen, that would make it feel more like deliberate stroke/click. 

Kind of like doing it with the mouse. Your finger rests on the button already, there is a slight amount of travel and finally the click. 

With the current pressure settings, there is no 'resting of the finger', and the travel technically occurs after the 'click' 
If you could set a trigger point, this would allow you to emulate 'resting of the finger' and the travel, with the initial pressure applied to the pen, and finally when you hit the trigger point, it is the 'click'. 

Personally I also think that if you have some contact with the tablet surface, it enables you to be more 'grounded' and you have a point of reference for how much pressure to apply.  

On the other end of the spectrum, being able to set the maximum pressure allows us to not need to apply as much force as usual to reach the.. well.. maximum amount of pressure registered by the pen. 
So if you tend to have a lighter touch, this would allow you to use 'more' of the pressure range, with less force. 

Having the trigger point and max pressure be customizable would allow us to basically remap the range or pressure and give us more control. 

Allot of drawing/painting apps nowadays have ways to change the curves inside of the app itself, but obviously you can only use those curves within those apps. It is not system wide. 

Photoshop has horrible support for stuff like that in the first place, and from what I know relies on the tablet driver for the pressure 'curve'. So whatever little options I have in the tablet driver software is what I can use for apps with basic pressure support.

So.. please, please, add more options to the pressure sensitivity settings. 
And at the bare minimum allow us to remap the range. 

  • Hi Fatih Gurdal, thank you for providing your feedback to our driver pressure settings. I will forward this to our software engineers for further analysis.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I just wanted to post an update in here, Orliza Amodia 

    I recently acquired a new PC, and thus I redownloaded drivers for my kamvas. 

    Appearantly I have been using out of date drivers since forever!
    Multiple times I would check within the old drivers for updates and it would always say I was on the latest version. 

    I am glad to see that the new drivers do indeed have some of the options I described previously. 
    I do still wish though that there was a way to set the maximum pressure, so you wouldnt need to apply as much force to max out the pressure reading. 

  • Hi Fatih Gurdal, duly noted. May I know which driver version are you currently using? If you are using the version 15 driver, may you please check if this is what you need?

    If you are using version 14 driver, you can see similar options when you click on "Digital Pen".

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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