Is there ONE driver that can work with multiple Kamvas devices on the same computer?

I recently purchased a Kamvas 22 Plus for my desktop/ permanent setup. I had previously purchased (and plan to still use) a Kamvas 13 for when I take my work on the go. Both are "2020" models. Both have the same pen technology (PW517, 8192 pressure levels). However, they do not seem to have compatible drivers. When I first connected the 22 Plus, the Huion Tablet app did not see it. This was with Driver_15.2.10.529. So then I tried the driver specified for the 22 Plus: Driver_15.2.18.93. After installing this driver version - which by default uninstalls any other version of the driver - the Kamvas 13 was not recognized. Thinking perhaps this had been addressed in an earlier driver version, I did try older versions listed under each tablet. This led to a whole host of headaches and other issues so I gave up on that as a solution. For the record, I did reboot my laptop between each install/uninstall.

I emailed support and got an automatic reply back saying that devices with 8192 pen pressure levels can use driver version 14 and that " As of the moment, only HS610, HS611, Q620M, and Kamvas 13 are compatible with Version 15 drivers" - so, how recent is this information if my Kamvas 22 Plus is on par age-wise with the 13, and the version 15 driver is listed as one of its download options?! Also, which driver version 14, as there is more than one for the 22 Plus.

Later, I did actually get a reply but it was less than helpful. It said, "I am sorry that becaue they are using two different drivers of it so the drivers would conflict each other when it is being used. If they are using the same driver, this issue would not happen."

I do not intend to use both tablets simultaneously, but I do plan to use them both on the same machine. (For what it's worth, I'm using a Dell Precision 7520 with Windows 10.) For instance, the 22 is part of my permanent setup, while I'll continue to use the 13 when I travel and need to be mobile. I would like this process to be a lot more painless. Is such a thing possible? Considering the tablets are in the same family of devices, and the pen technology is the same, it seems like the two units should be a lot more compatible with each other. I really, really hate the idea that to switch between the two devices I'll have to uninstall and reinstall drivers and then reconfigure my tablet each time. Such a huge pain.

So if there is ONE driver that works with BOTH devices, I'd really like to know. Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.  

(I did open a ticket about this - ticket #142453)

  • Hi Roni Lancaster, thank you for explaining your issues with our drivers. Initially, only Kamvas 13 was tested to work on Version 15 drivers which is why Kamvas 22 won't work. We've updated the drivers for some of our tablets last April 16th and both Kamvas 22 Plus and Kamvas 13 can work on Version 15 drivers now. May you please uninstall the driver you currently have and install the driver that I will be sending to you through WeTransfer? Please make sure that your tablets are not connected to your computer, your antivirus is turned off, and all your drawing programs are closed while installing the said driver. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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