Can I have different button presets for different programs?


I've seen other discussions on here about this exact feature, however the 'add app' part of the Huion driver is not on my driver.

I have the Huion H610PRO V2. Is this feature not available for my tablet, or is there a new driver that I can't find?

This feature would be really useful for my schooling where I am jumping between different animation softwares as well as Photoshop.



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  • My bad, It seems that the driver I currently had, was in fact old, and for some reason couldn't find a new driver for itself. But when I search the Huion site for any new drivers, I found a newer version that has the add app function!

  • Hi Jacob Schwarze, not a problem. I'm glad you found the latest driver version of your tablet. You can always check our official site,, for the latest drivers. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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