Tablet won't react at all to pen, only on LG Gram 17. (H610 Pro 2048)

My H610 Pro works perfectly fine on one computer. However, specifically with my two LG Gram 17 laptops, the tablet does not even sense the pen's presence- no hovering or clicking at all, and the light doesn't flash green. The buttons work and the computer has the tablet listed in devices as "PenTablet". This issue came up as soon as I started using this laptop. However, it has worked before to its full function, pen pressure and all, but I can't tell how I got it to work- it was sudden and after no changes. Again, this is only a problem I've had with the LG Gram 17. It works just fine on other computers I've used. If it's helpful, my Gram has Windows 10 Home 20H2. Please let me know if there are any solutions or questions you have for my situation. Thank you!

  • Hi rae kyomato, kindly try to use the pen while connected to the charging cable and see if it will work. If it works while connected, try charging the pen for around 3 hours and try using it without the cable. If it only works with the cable even after charging, it means that the Lithium-Ion battery inside the pen can no longer hold a charge. Thus, you can either use it only while connected or you can purchase a new pen. 

    However, if it still doesn't work while connected to the charging cable, kindly send the following to so we can further test your tablet and pen:

    • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
    • Order number (if your purchase is still within 1 year)
    • Your computer's operating system
    • Version of the tablet driver you've installed

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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