unable to Customize Press Keys and Digital Pen Button Functions for Specific Software

There is no executable files to run softwares such as Microsoft OnenoteDrawboard PDF and Inkodo that I have insatalled through Microsoft Store. How should i add them to Driver in order to change Press Keys functions?


I have also tried with other softwares for example Xournalpp, which I installed normally through an executable installer. The shortcuts that i defined for press keys do not work in the app.

Could you please help me?

Best Regards

  • No me funcionan las 2 teclas del lápiz táctil. Ni me aparece el cursos En el modo celular, de mi Huion HS611 Antes si funcionaba. Tengo un celular Samsung A50
  • Hi Shahram, I'm sorry to let you know that as of the moment, apps downloaded from Microsoft app store could not be configured separately; only those apps installed with executable installers. With regard to Xournalpp, may you please provide the link where we can download the said software so we can have our factory test it? We can't seem to find the EXE file in the github link you've provided.

    Hi Josseline González, I'm sorry to let you know that as of the moment, the cursor won't appear when you use your tablet on a Samsung S, A & J series phone. The stylus button won't work on phone mode as well; only on Windows or Mac computers.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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