USB-C PD cable question

Hi, I own Kamvas 13 and tried to use it with Galaxy S8. During painting (huion sketch) battery is slowly discharged, about 5-10% per hour. I also tried to use Kamvas as secondary screen for MS teams meeting and this leads to quite fast discharge, about 30% per hour, so it's unusable for longer runs. I use original samsung 2.0A charger. I tried Xiaomi charger but with it discharge speed is even faster despite of 3A spec. Question is: can I use 5V/3A-20V/1.5A USB-C PD charger with USB-C-USB-C PD cable? Will Kamvas 13 take advantage of additional voltage/amperage? Will it use USB-C PD charging? Or I have to look for another fast charger with USB-A e.g. 5V/4A-12V/2A out? I need to be sure not to damage my tablet.
  • Hi Alexander P., yes, you can use the USB-C PD charger and it won't damage your tablet. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  •  @Orliza Amodia, thank you!

    Could you check if tablet will take advantage of PD to charge phone? Does Kamvas support QC3 or Samsung AFC protocols to charge phone? Currently with both S8 and S20 current is bit low, I mean when I draw, phone is slowly discharging. To test this I need to use USB-C cable that fits but before I buy I need to be sure it's worth it.

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