GT-220 not working with my MacBook Pro, BigSur....?

Agh! help! I was given this and I have worked hours trying to set it up!  I downloaded drivers, uninstalled them, rebooted, reconnected, etc. etc. etc.... 

It will not recognize the pen at all.  I have dual monitors now with my laptop and the Huion display but I can not get it to connect.  

Please help!

  • Hi Susanne, there are 3 versions of GT-220; GT-220 (2048), GT-220 V2 (2048), and GT-220 V2 (8192). The versions with 2048 pen pressure uses the version 12 drivers while the 8192 version uses version 14 drivers. Link: Huion GT-220 series tablet display drivers

    Please reply to your ticket and provide your serial number so we can determine which version you have and we can help you determine the right driver for your tablet and how to properly set it up.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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