Work Area - lacks option to precisely map a part of PC display to the full tablet area

Hello. My specs are:

Tablet: Inspiroy Q11K (aspect ratio 16:10)

Display: Ultrawide 2560x1080 (aspect ratio 21:9)

OS: Windows 10 x64

Driver: v14.8.166.1482

Recently, i switched from 1920x1080 display to 2560x1080 Ultrawide, and i noticed that Work Area settings are really lacking.

It's possible to make the tablet work area to follow the PC display ratio, with just one click on "Display ratio" button (see 1st attachment).

But if i want to do the other way around - to make PC display area follow the full tablet area, then there's no easy setting to press or configure. Yes you can drag the corners of the box manually of the PC display area, but how do i set it precisely to the same aspect ratio as my tablet? - so that i will be confident that circles i do on the tablet become circles on the screen (and not ovals)?

It is much needed setting for ultrawides. See 1st attachment - there is a lot of unused space on the tablet (which ruins the point of big tablet), while on PC display, i dont need the pen outside the drawing area (GIMP), i can use side panels with mouse or hotkeys.

Ideally, the whole Work Area panel needs a slight overhaul, so that any workarea of the tablet can be precisely tied to PC display, or vice versa. A simple solution would be to change the behaviour of "Display ratio" button (which currently maps the full PC display on tablet, with the same ratio). Make it so that the tablet takes the ratio not from the full PC display, but from the green selection box with 4 corners that you drag. See 2nd attachment for illustration.

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  • Hi SkaarDJ, thank you for your suggestions. I have forwarded this to our software engineers for further review. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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