Add lock/force aspect ratio for pen tablet area

Hello, can you add "lock aspect ratio" option when we want to resize the tablet area ?, Cuz when I tried to resize my tablet area, it doesn't following my screen ratio, My tablet is H430P, and btw the last update is on october 2020, is that meant these tablet doesn't have update support anymore or what?
  • Hi Justin Putra, thank you for your suggestion. I will forward your request to our software engineers.

    With regard to your driver, we do still provide support for the H430P model. The latest driver for your tablet is Driver_14.8.137 for Windows and Driver_14.6.0.210128 for Mac. You can find them in this link: Huion H430P Graphic Tablet Drivers

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support


  • Thank you for the answer, I hope it will implemented soon
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