Kamvas 22 plus, color calibration profile ( 94% sRGB, 95% AdobeRGB coverage,Spyder5,Display CAL)

Here is my Kamvas 22+ ICC calibration (Spyder5 + DisplayCAL software).

Results ( 94% sRGB, 95% AdobeRGB coverage)- https://ibb.co/SdG81LN

------------OSD menu settings----------
B.Light- 50
Brightness- 50
Contrast - 50
Gamma- 2.2
Temp - 6500k
PCM- native
Hue - 50
Saturation - 50
Color Effect - standard
------------Download ICC profile---------------
  •  Haha here as well i see , im ulf from reddit , good profile , i think the gamma 2.2 setting actually made my profiles better too

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  •  Hi Alex , I did calibrations numerous times, this one had the best percentage of sRBG gamut for me.

    It's visible in the image I 've attached.


  •  do you load the gamma tables with the displaycal profile loader ?

  •  please also support my thread/request here :


  •  Honestly, I can't recall.

    I don't think I have manipulated card's gamma in any way other than the setting for the calibration.

    I don't have the software and spyder anymore, so I can't revisit the settings.

    You can try and see how it ends up.

  •  Since you used 6500k temp setting on the OSD, did you switch to USER so you could adjust the RGB levels when doing the first measurement in displaycal ?

  •  Ignore my last post, I just jumped in and started at 6500k and didn't even have to adjust the rgb levels in the OSD

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