Photoshop not register strokes

I am working in Big Sur and Photoshop 22.2.0 on occasions, several of the strokes that I make are not registered, however when drawing in Krita everything works perfectly

I have the latest version of the drivers for mac

  • I have a kamvas of 13

  • Hi JPacajoj, kindly try the following steps:

    1. Uninstall the tablet driver, unplug your tablet from your computer, restart your computer, reinstall your tablet driver then connect your tablet back to your computer.
    2. Reinstall Photoshop (it is better to restart your computer first before reinstalling)

    If reinstalling the driver and/or Photoshop do not resolve your issue, kindly take a video of your Photoshop issue and send the video link to so we can look into this further. Please include the following:

    • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
    • Order number
    • MacOS Big Sur version
    • Photoshop version
    • Tablet Driver version
    • Short description of your issue

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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