H610 Pro V2 pen stops working after left away from tablet

I just got a new H610 Pro V2 after having the V1 for awhile. The V1 had some problems at first, but other than that, it was a great tablet that I used for years. After getting this upgrade, though, there's a big problem I'm noticing with my H610 Pro V2. Every time I put down the pen or keep it away from the tablet for awhile it stops sending info to my computer. The green light flashes on the tablet, but it doesn't actually move the cursor. The same thing also happens when I click the screen with my mouse. To fix the problem I have to unplug and plug the tablet back in. It's especially annoying because I also use my mouse a lot when drawing, so I can't really plug and re-plug every time I click using my mouse.

  • Hi Harper G., what driver version have you installed and what is your computer's operating system and version? Have you tried using your tablet without the driver and do you encounter the same issue? If you have access to a different computer, does it happen to another computer as well, with or without the driver?

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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