Too many broken dead pixels about 10 of them

I recently got a Kamvas 16 2021. I pluged it in it works but there is a huge gathering of about 10 broken dead pixels on the top of the screen. I got a kamvas 13 2020 5 months ago and that one had no issues. I bought feom Aliexpress. I hope you do replace it. I have read many angry customers with huge replacement or warranty peo lems with huion customer support. I'll submit a ticket and if I don't get a helpful response I will leave negative reviews on twitter, reddit, aliexpress and here in the forums and youtube videos on the huion channel. I have the SN, the tablet, order ID. The issue is just too big on the screen. If it was 1 dead pizel or 2 it would have been ok but they are just too many as can be seen in the screenshots
  • Hi Cobac Razvan, thank for the images and we are sorry for the issue with your tablet display. Kindly contact AliExpress so they can further assist you with the replacement unit.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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