I've tried to download driver 8.01 20 times atm

Hello I have been trying to use the old tablet driver for the Osu!Tablet but it's been at least 20000 times that I install it and it still wont work. It downloads successfully, I restart my computer but then it won't launch by itself. So I decided to search for the .exe and launch it myself, but it won't apply the settings to my tablet. As a result, i've been trying for SEVERAL MONTHS, asked for assistance several times but never got any form of help. Also I don't want to use more recent drivers because they are not good at all (I have tried so I can say.)

  • Hi Mataneresha, may you please provide your tablet's model and your computer's operating system so I can help you which driver would work best for your tablet? 

    Normally, when you have successfully installed the driver, it will automatically launch when you turn on your computer. If you are using Windows, it's best to open the driver and click "Administrator privileges" to give the driver the necessary access to your computer.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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