Hotkey support for "switch screen" in the driver please

 Hello , i got a kamvas 22 plus, and it doesnt have hardware buttons. This is no problem becasue i use my keyboard anyways

But one function from inside the huion driver can only be mapped to one of my pen-buttons , which is "switch screen" so i can use my pen on another monitor, which would otherwise be mapped to one of the buttons on the monitor (but my monitor doesnt have any buttons). I need the pen buttons for middle and rightclick obviously.

now i always have to use the mouse to get to another screen , which is not optimal.

As you already have a working "global hotkey" in Settings -> Hotkeys, please add a second one with the switch screen function , at least on the kamvas 22 (plus)

i made a quick mockup , your programmers could probably do that in under an hour , the code already exists for 90% of this request

i made a quick mockup

(54.4 KB)
  • Hi Alex Mehler, thank you for your suggestion. The Switch Screen feature can only be assigned to either the pen or tablet buttons. The Hotkeys you show in your picture refers to the keyboard combination to launch the Huion Tablet driver. Thus, I'm sorry that you only have 2 buttons that you can configure for your Kamvas 22 Plus tablet since the tablet itself doesn't have any buttons. 

    If you need more buttons, our Kamvas Pro series have tablet buttons that you can configure. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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