My mouse is messed up

I connected my mouse and was using Adobe photoshop just fine, that was until my pen wouldn’t click a button on the save or exit screen and so I went to use my mouse, but when I used my mouse it sat on the screen and glitch anytime I tried to move it, this problem has happened before. But only when my pen is plugged in, what do I do?
  • Hi I simp for Fictional characters, does this happen only in Photoshop or in other software as well? Please try the following steps if you haven't done so before:

    1. Uninstall the tablet driver, unplug your tablet from your computer then plug it back in. Test whether you still have issues with your pen and mouse when you don't have a driver installed on your computer. (NOTE: This step is not applicable if your computer is running on MacOS Catalina or Big Sur)
    2. Try connecting your tablet and/or mouse to a different USB port.
    3. Try using your tablet and mouse on a different computer, if you have access to another unit, and check if still have the same issue.
    4. If you have a spare mouse, please try using a different mouse.
    5. Try installing a different tablet driver version.
    6. If the issue only happens in Photoshop, please try reinstalling the said software, or install a different version if possible.

    Kindly provide the following:

    • Tablet model
    • Your computer operating system and its version
    • The current tablet driver version you are using
    • Adobe Photoshop version
    • Other software that have this issue if it only happens inside the software

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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