My mouse is messed up

I connected my mouse and was using Adobe photoshop just fine, that was until my pen wouldn’t click a button on the save or exit screen and so I went to use my mouse, but when I used my mouse it sat on the screen and glitch anytime I tried to move it, this problem has happened before. But only when my pen is plugged in, what do I do?
  • Hi I simp for Fictional characters, does this happen only in Photoshop or in other software as well? Please try the following steps if you haven't done so before:

    1. Uninstall the tablet driver, unplug your tablet from your computer then plug it back in. Test whether you still have issues with your pen and mouse when you don't have a driver installed on your computer. (NOTE: This step is not applicable if your computer is running on MacOS Catalina or Big Sur)
    2. Try connecting your tablet and/or mouse to a different USB port.
    3. Try using your tablet and mouse on a different computer, if you have access to another unit, and check if still have the same issue.
    4. If you have a spare mouse, please try using a different mouse.
    5. Try installing a different tablet driver version.
    6. If the issue only happens in Photoshop, please try reinstalling the said software, or install a different version if possible.

    Kindly provide the following:

    • Tablet model
    • Your computer operating system and its version
    • The current tablet driver version you are using
    • Adobe Photoshop version
    • Other software that have this issue if it only happens inside the software

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi, i have the exact same issue Q620M, windows 10, dual monitor, dell ud22 universal dock, logitech mx master 2, only ever use penpad for OneNote.

    mouse clicks just randomly stop accepting from mouse when pad is in prolonged use. im not sure what triggers it but use it long enough and some action between start time - issue time causes my mouse clicking to stop working. 

    since your simping for fictional characters in comment above, if you can get this fixed i'll be as happy as spongebob!

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