Monitor calibration button not responding

Hi, I installed the driver for my Kamvas pro 16 as recommended both on the video and the documentation. My device is connected, the pen pressure works. But the button "monitor calibration" is not responding to the click and I can't calibrate my pen display. What should I do?
  • So for every one who are having the same issue, the fix is the following : on the driver's app, go to Work Area, and in order for the "Monitor Calibration" button to work, you will need to change the default "All Display" (dropdown at the top of the page) to the Display that corresponds to the tablet. Then click on "monitor calibration" and it will work.
  • Hi Ana G., I'm glad your tablet is calibrated now. Oftentimes, the calibration issue is due to the driver settings that is set to "All Displays" and you can't calibrate your tablet when all displays are chosen. You can find an article addressing this issue from this link: How to Set Your Tablet Display Work Area

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    HUION Customer Support