KAMVAS pro 16 connecting issues and pen stopped working


I have problems connecting my kamvas pro 16 to my laptop. If i open the instaled driver it says that the device is not connected. Everytime I want it to connect properly after uplugging the kamvas or shutting down my laptop, I have to reinstall the driver for it to work.
Also as of recently my pen stopped working at all and the tablet does not react to it.
I can not find any tubbleshooting for this problems.
I would really apreciate help.

  • Hi Mik, there are two possible causes of your issue; either the driver or your cable. To help us determine caused it, please follow the steps below:

    1. Unplug your tablet from your computer and uninstall the driver. 
    2. Plug your tablet back in then test if your tablet works even without the driver. This will help us determine if the issue is caused by the driver. 
    3. If it works fine without the driver, it means that the driver is the cause. All you need to do is install the latest driver version for your tablet which you can download from this link: Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Tablet Drivers. NOTE: Please make sure that your tablet is NOT CONNECTED to your computer while installing the driver. Please refer to this link on how to properly install the driver: How to Install Huion Drivers on Windows.
    4. Once you've reinstalled the driver, plug your tablet back in then check if the driver will detect your tablet as connected. 
    5. If your driver can't detect your tablet, please plug your tablet to a different USB port. 
    6. If you have access to a different computer, please try connecting to a different computer and check if you experience the same issue.

    Whenever you see the "Administrator Privileges" button on the driver, please click on it to give the driver necessary access to your computer. 

    If the above-mentioned steps do not resolve your issue, it is possible that your cable may be defective so please send an email to service@huion.com to be further assisted if your purchase is still within the warranty. Otherwise, you can just purchase a new cable from this link: Huion Kamvas Pro 16 3-in-1 Cable.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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