Anyone else having issues with Illustrator (Kamvas 16 Pro)?

Kamvas Pro 16 works fine in Photoshop but illustrator gives me heaps of problems.

Can't select paths (takes a few seconds befor it makes path editable)

Can't drag paths

Pressure is not applied to lines even though is set in setup.

Really frustrating because my wife bought this for me (and spent a lot of money) so I could do my course in Illustrator.

  • Hi Stijn Scrayen, kindly provide the following so we would have a better idea on what caused your issues in Illustrator:

    1. Your computer's operating system and version
    2. Adobe Illustrator version
    3. Adobe Photoshop version
    4. Version of the tablet driver you've installed

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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