unplugging the 3in1

I bought a huion kamvas pro16 lately, downloded the driver, i have 2display now... So the problem is: i turn on my pc and everything works fine, but then i turn off the tablet for a few moment and when i turn it back on, tablet shows the no signal massage and power button turns red. And sometimes in the same situation my pen clicks the screen before it touches the display Both of this problem fix when i replug the 3in1 cable... Is this normal? Doesn't Repluging the cable hurt the tablet?
  • Hi fatemeh mohebiyan, with regard to your "no signal" issue, does this happen with you just press the tablet's power button to turn the tablet off and left the tablet plugged in to the power source? May you please take a video on how you encounter the said problem?

    As for your pen clicking issue, kindly try the following steps that may help resolve your issue or at least help us determine its cause:

    1. Change your pen nib and make sure there are no dust particles inside your pen's tip.
    2. Uninstall the tablet driver, unplug your tablet from your computer, then plug it back in. Test if you still have the same pen issue even without the driver to help us eliminate the possibility of the driver causing the issue.
    3. Try connecting your tablet to another computer, if you have access to another one, and check if the same clicking issue still happens in another computer.
    4. Install a different tablet driver version. 

    May I know what tablet driver version you've installed and your computer's operating system and its version? 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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