AMD Graphics card issue

Recently I was brought a Kamvas 16 2021for Christmas and I went to install it on my computer alas I had issues with it coming up with no signal. My drivers are up to date and so its the tablet drives that are out currently. I recently found out AMD took out a HDCP function that turns it off in a recent update that has stopped me from using the tablet on my computer. Now I tested the tablet out on a friends laptop that has an nvidia GPU and it worked instantly. The problem is that the Huion driver has not been updated to account for the AMD update and needs to be fixed so anyone with this issue this may very well be your problem if everything else has failed.

  • Hi Melissa Philp, as verified with our Technical Department, the HDCP function in AMD will not affect our tablet's display. If you are getting a "no signal" error, you can try the steps found in this article: What to Do If Your Huion Pen Display Shows A Black Screen or No Signal. Your screen may only need a reset so kindly see Step #7 in the said article.

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    HUION Customer Support

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