H320M Tablet locking cursor in place


The above tablet was purchased around a year ago. The tablet and pen last worked the second week of December. The tablet and pen have not been used since then, and were stored safely in their carrying case. Upon removal from the case and in attempting to use them again, they lock the cursor in place when plugged into the computer. The buttons on the tablet still work during this time, and the mouse will temporarily and very briefly move the cursor, before being forced back to the same position as before. The buttons on the pen do not work during this time. Occasionally, when plugging the tablet in, the cursor will not become stuck in one place, though the pen still does not work during this time. If this happens, opening the Huion tablet program and navigating to the pen section causes the mouse to again become locked in place toward the upper right or top-middle-left of the screen. Only unplugging the tablet or removing the device in windows stops the issue persisting. Things I have tried, which do not work, are as follows:

Restarting the computer.
Uninstalling the Huion program and removing the drivers, then reinstalling both from the Huion website.
Moving the tablet to a different USB port.
Using a different USB-C cable.
Removing the tablet from windows and adding it again.
Disabling Windows Ink.
Changing the effective area of the tablet.
Changing pen nubs.
Using the tablet on a different PC entirely.
Using the tablet on an Android phone.
  • Hi Jeremy Webb, thank you for providing the steps you've done so far. Have you tried using your tablet without the driver? What driver version/s have you tried? 

    It is possible that we may need to test your tablet using our QC software. We will further assist you through your ticket.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support.

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