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Hi this is my first time using a tablet for drawing my issue is that whenever I use my pen over the tablet it moves my mouse on my laptop, so for example, lets say I have my mouse in the middle of the screen as soon as my pen comes near or close to the tablet without touhing it, it moves my mouse so if I was going to start drawing in the middle of the screen I can not since my pen starts moving my mouse like if the pen was my mouse.

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  • Hi Abel Marín Moreno, it is normal that your pen can move your mouse cursor when it is within the 10mm sensing height. If you want to draw at the center of your screen, you also need to be at the center of your tablet.  If you don't want that, you can turn on the "Mouse Mode" on your tablet driver so it will act like a mouse and you can just draw on different parts of your tablet, notwithstanding the corresponding area on your screen. Turning off the "Mouse Mode" would mean that if your pen is on the left of the tablet, your mouse will also be on the left of your screen. 

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