Unable to remove OSD menu; flashing connectivity; pen not working

Hi - I recently purchased a Kamvas 13 for my daughter's Christmas. Despite spending many hours setting it up, reading all the manuals and web discussions we can find, it is not working. The tablet is mirroring/extending the screen from the computer fine, so the HDMI is working. But the OSD menu will not disappear from the tablet screen, and the physical buttons on the left do nothing - either pressed together (K4&5) or individually. I'm assuming that the pen functionality will not work until the OSD menu disappears.  On top of this, the driver on the computer flashes between being connected and disconnected, so it's impossible to change anything on the computer either. The green light on the tablet also flashes intermittently. 

Judging by previous answers, I have a feeling I know what you are going to ask, so here goes: 

* Yes, I have uninstalled and re-installed drivers many times - as many as are listed on your website

* Yes, I have tried the USB cable in several different USB slots - and the cables themselves are brand new and fit securely. 

* Yes, I have tried putting the power cable directly into the mains instead of into the pc

* Yes, I have tried it on another machine - in this case, a Mac - and yes, I downloaded the various different drivers suitable for a Mac

* Yes, I made sure that the USB cable was not attached to the pc or Mac when I downloaded the drivers

* Yes, on my Mac, I did allow the Huion Tablet and DriverAgent to control my machine in the Privacy/Security settings. 

Rather reluctantly, I am coming to the conclusion that there must be a problem with the buttons on the tablet, or perhaps the tablet itself is faulty. It seems slightly remarkable that you would need such a high degree of tech skill to make the tablet work - but perhaps there are some people who have just managed to make it work first time. 

I look forward to hearing back from you - and of course, if anyone out there knows of a solution for getting rid of the OSD menu when the buttons don't work - please let me know! Thanks! 

  • Hi Chris Berthoud, thank you providing all the steps you've done so far. I will create a ticket for you so we can check your tablet further since we would need additional information from you.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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