driver site downloads not loading

When ever i click download for any driver the site doesn't load, im not sure if the sites down or if it just doesnt work


  • i turned on a vpn and it worked

  • sites not working for me either. tried a vpn but still didnt load. anyone know why? possibly too many downloads happing right now but thats just my guess

  • not working for me too

  • Hi everyone, we apologize for this. We are working to fix this issue right now. For the meantime, you can download the driver using this link: Huion Tablet Drivers

    NOTE: For graphic tablets and tablet displays with 2048 pen pressure, please use Version 12 driver while those with 8192 pen pressure can use Version 14. As of the moment, only HS610, HS611, Q620M and Kamvas 13 are compatible with Version 15 drivers.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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