Huion h430p Stopped working on the Cellphone

I bought my Hoion h430p 2 Weeks ago, It was working perfectly fine. But a Few Days ao it stopped working in my Cellphone, It still works in the Computer. I already tried the OTG way to fix, but nothing worked.

  • Hi Near, since it works on your computer but not on your phone, there are 2 possible causes: either your OTG is broken or your phone's OTG port may have a connection problem. Kindly try using a different OTG adapter and see if it works. Try connecting your tablet to a different phone as well, using the same OTG adapter you are currently using. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I brought huion h430p 2 months ago it was working fine on my redmi note 8.... But today it's not not working on my redmi note 8 but works fine on my mom's redmi y2 and laptop Trying different otg, cable etc still not working on my redmi note 8 Please help me
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