HUION HS64 for fps

HUION hs 64 wont work in fps games like valo or cs

  • Hi Robe Roenz Abadecio, how do you setup your tablet's functions for the said games? If you can provide a video on what issues you are having as you use your HS64 in the said games, we would appreciate it so we will have a better idea on how to find a solution to your issue. Kindly take the video using an external camera like your phone so we can see your tablet and your screen and how you use your tablet on the said games. Aside from the video, kindly provide the following as well:

    • Your computer operating system and its version
    • Version of the tablet driver you installed, if you did
    • Name and version of the game you are having issues with¬†

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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