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I just acquired a Kamvas 16, and I wanted to use it with my MacBook Pro (version 10.12.6), but the pen won't work at all. I tried it with an HP desktop running on Windows 8.1 and the pen worked just fine. Why isn't it working on my Macbook? I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, restarted my Mac, increased the pen's sensibility (I think that's what it's called?), disconnected and reconnected the tablet, turned it off and on, and nothing changed. Do you know how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Inna Deshi, if your tablet works on a Windows computer but not on your Mac, it is possible that the issue is caused by the driver installation where the Huion Tablet and TabletDriverAgent apps were not added to your whitelist. Please try the steps found in this article that may help resolve your issue: How to Install Huion Driver on MacOS.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello, 

    I have the Kamvas 16 also. Last week took  it out of the box and got it all set  up on my Mac book,  drawing  well no issues. Today, I can get the pen to read on the tablet but when I try to use ti to draw it does nothing. The cursor moves around the canvas but there is no art. I changed the  nib and check to see if it needed a battery (this model does not) and no dice.  Any other suggestions?

  • Hi Ashley Miller, please check whether you have installed the driver properly and added the necessary Huion Tablet app/s to your computer's whitelist. Kindly refer to these articles:

    If reinstalling the driver properly would not resolve your issue, kindly send the following to service@huion.com so we can test your tablet and your pen using our QC software:

    • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
    • Order number
    • Version of the tablet driver you installed
    • MacOS version
    • Your drawing programs and their versions

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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