( GT-191 V2) Unknown problem with Pen

So I had this problem for quite a while, i was just too lazy to report about it, it accrued 2 weeks after purchase.

I will attach video files about this problem, it's really hard to explain. It seems like this problem appear in ANY drawing software. When I tap my pen on the program and trying to draw and move it a bit, it doesn't move, and only when I move the mouse of invisible circle that have always the same diameter, the straight line appear and then I can draw freely. Here is video of that problem, also it seems that Pressure Test doesn't work as well (There is going to be a normal video since on record from PC it doesn't really show the problem correctly) I hope that someone will find out what the hell is wrong with this. 

Videos of problem : ( im not sure if its a bug or i did something stupid and can't find a way to get it back )



  • Hi Ares Boyko, I'm glad you finally reported your problem. Does this issue happen even with or without the driver? If yes, then my preliminary assessment based on the videos you've provided is that your pen may be defective. I will convert your post into a ticket since we need to test your pen further.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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