Having problems with my HS 610

I bought my tablet 7 months ago and It was working perfectly until a month ago I starting having problems with my pen's pressure. Sometimes the strokes I made continued being traced even though the pen wasn't touching the tablet anymore. Then It became worse at the point that the pen is detected but I can't select nor trace without pressing the pen's button. Sometimes the pen makes strokes without touching the tablet and when it touches the tablet, happens what I mentioned earlier.

I've tried reinstalling the driver and updating Windows 10, but still the same. I don't know what to do anymore.

  • Hi Gustavo Vásquez, kindly try the steps below if you haven't done so before:

    1. Please change the pen nib with a new one and make sure to insert it firmly. (Note: Clouds of dust on your pen nib will also result in the pen hover issue.) 

    2. Please make sure there are no other electronic products like laptops or mobile phones nearby. If there are, please put them away and see if it helps since the pen hover issue may also be caused by electromagnetic interference.

    3. Uninstall the driver, and try the tablet (without a driver installed) to see if the problem still persists. This can help determine if this problem is caused by the driver.

    4. If you have dropped the pen accidentally, we are sorry about that but this kind of man-made damage is out of our warranty. We suggest you purchase a new pen from our official store or from Amazon.

    I saw that you have a ticket open so please reply to the said ticket if in case the abovementioned steps do not resolve your issue since we have to further test your pen using our software.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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