huion kamvas 13 on android ibis paint no pressure

im testing my huion kamvas 13 pendisplay on different android apps.

it wors on infinite painter huion sketch and medibang with pressure (no tilt support yet i know)

to my surprise ibis paint, has pressure suport for the huion hs610, hs64, h1060p, h430p, h950p and h610prov2 tablets from huion.

the kamvas 13 is not on the list. is this something from ibis side wrong (not having drivers internallly) or is this something huion hasnt added to the kamvas13

hope to find some anwsers.

best regards Stephan

  • Hi Stephan de Vetten, thank you for posting about the pen pressure on Ibis Paint. Yes, Kamvas 13 and our display tablets compatible with Android currently do not have pen pressure on the said app; only our graphic tablets that are compatible with Android do. Our software engineers are aware of this and are working to resolve this issue. We would appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. Kindly continue checking our official website for any updates. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Has this been corrected within the past year or is pressure sensitivity still an issue with Ibis Paint current year?
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