Pen pressure in Adobe and more

I recently purchased a Kamvas 16 pro from Amazon. I'm using it with a  Microsoft Surface Book 2 running Windows 10. I plugged both the HDMI and USB cables into a USB-C adaptor which is what I use to connect the two devices. I am Duplicating the primary screen onto the tablet.

Since I started to use it, I have encountered three problems: 

(1.) My pen pressure sensitivity is not working in any Adobe programs. I tried turning off Windows Ink but that did not fix the issue. I'm wondering how to fix it and whether it's an issue with Adobe Creative Cloud or the Huion. My Windows 10 actually has a pressure-sensitive touchscreen and the pressure works nicely there. The pressure on the Huion works perfectly in Krita, so I think it may be a problem with Adobe and Huion.

(2.) The screen resolution is off. For some reason there is extra about an inch of black space on the left and right sides of the screen. If I configure Windows to extend the desktop onto the tablet then  the resolution is perfect, however, I need to duplicate.

3) The colors on the tablet are all washed out. Blacks are grey for example.

  • Hi Beatrixmironoff2008, kindly see our responses below:

    1. Since you have pen pressure in Krita, it means that the issue is with the Adobe programs. May I know which Adobe programs are you using its versions? Are you using the tablet Driver_14.8.137 version?
    2. Kindly check the solution found in this article: Why Does the Pen Display Have Black Borders and Cannot Be Displayed in Full Screen After Connecting to the Computer? Please scroll down to Solution B for Windows computers.
    3. Please try to adjust your tablet's display using the On-Screen Display Menu (OSD Menu) by pressing the OSD button for at least 5 seconds. Then use the rest of the tablet's buttons to adjust the brightness, contrast, color temperature, etc.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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