Tablet Huion HS611 doesn't detect my pen anymore.


I'm asking for help with my Huion HS611. Since a few days ago, my tablet started stuttering when I was drawing until now, where it doesn't recognize my pen 99% of the time. I tried everything you recommended to Maxim Cosmo in his own topic here, but nothing seems to work, and my pen is also unresponsive when I connect the tablet to my phone. I tried changing the tip to see if it was the problem, but it didn't change a thing...

The tablet buttons are still working; the same goes for the top bar. It wasn't broken, didn't take water or any liquid or sand, didn't move from my desk actually, so it's in really good shape, which makes it really surprising to me...

I really enjoyed this tablet, so it's a bit of a shame.

Thank you for the help you will be able to provide!


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  • Hi Evan Garçonnet, since your issue still persists even without the driver, I will create a ticket for you since we need to test your tablet further. Rest assured we will help you resolve your issue. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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