Windows Ink Problem

Hi, I have these issues with my Huion H950p, I have the latest driver installed:

1) When windows ink is checked, my warp tool, transform tool, liquify tool are so laggy, a noticeable delay when pen touched the tablet (press & hold is disabled).

2) PSUserconfig method fixed the tools' lags, but it made the Alt + Right Click + Drag (brush resize shortcut) laggy. 

Sorry for my bad english, I'm so annoyed by this issues, I prefer using alt+RC to resize brush than pressing [  ], I really need the fixes :(
ps: I tried both Intuos Pro and Huion on same pc, Intuos doesn't have the issues w/wo windows ink.

  • Hi DuckW, I will forward your issue to our software engineers. May you please provide the following information:

    • Driver version installed
    • Computer operating systems used and its version
    • Drawing program used and its version

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi, 

    Huion Driver: v14.8.137.1273
    Windows 10 Home
    Photoshop cc 2020 (ver 21.2.1), this issue was worst in CC2019

    I noticed something is wrong with alt+space combination shortcuts: alt+space+drag (zoom)  & alt+right click+drag (resize). In CC2020 it has a short delay/pause when using the shortcuts, in CC2019 the alt key function like toggle /press & hold )

    I recorded it as GIF here:

  • Huion: v14.8.137.1273
    Windows 10 Home
    Photoshop CC2020  (ver 21.2.1) 

    I noticed something is wrong with the alt key combination shortcuts. Alt+Space+Drag (zoom) and Alt+RightClick+Drag (brush resize), it has a short delay /pause when pressing the keys.

    I've recorded this issue, you can check it out here on imgur:
    Brush Resize

  • Hi DuckW, thank you. I'll create a ticket for you. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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