Kamvas Pro 16 Premium creating weird lines when writing with OneNote or other apps

I bought Kamvas Pro 16 Premium a couple of days ago, mostly to annotate PDF files

and take notes on OneNote, but my Huion tablet has this weird bug with many of

notetaking apps. As I move the stylus pen, it will project a line stretching towards the

direction I am moving the pen. If I make fast moves, the OneNote app will freeze and crash. 

It is hard to explain in words, but somebody posted a video of the problem on Youtube.

At first, I suspected it must be a problem with OneNote, but the same issue persists with several other apps from other companies. So, it must be a problem with the Huion driver.

There is a Microsoft forum topic regarding this issue:

Here's the reply I posted over there:

"I am experiencing exactly the same problem.

The funny thing is that it only happens when I use pens or highlighters with solid colors.

If you try and use those pens with the sparkly patterns on OneNote, the line won't appear.

So far, this line issue appears on OneNote, PDF Reader (app from Microsoft store), Drawboard PDF (app from Microsoft store),

but does not appear on Foxit Reader, Adobe Acrobat, or Xodo. So, I suspect something might be wrong on the Huion's side."

  • Hi Dong Hyun Seo, thank you for sharing the video and the Microsoft forum links. May I know the driver version you installed on your computer? And are you using Windows 10? 

    Kindly try the following:

    1. Uninstall the current driver you have, unplug the tablet then plug it back in and check if the issue persists even without the driver. 
    2. If you are currently using Driver_14.8.137 version, please try using the older driver versions and check if the issue remains the same.
    3. Please test the different programs you are using with and without the driver installed and check if it will also freeze and crash.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  •  I had the same problem with the HS611. I plugged in. Windows recognized it and seemed to work. In Whiteboard flawless, but in OneNote with the weird lines.

    Downloading the driver from Huion ( ) and installing it  didn't solve the problem.


    I uninstalled the device, including the driver, from the device manager. Uninstalled the program that controlled Graphics Tablets (that was Microsoft's not Huion) from the Software Uninstall list.

    Unplug the tablet and reboot.

    Without connecting the graphic tablet, I installed again the Huion program, and then plugged in the tablet and it works perfectly, even in OneNote.

    It seems that the problem is Microsoft driver, and that the Huion program doesn't replace it. If you delete completely Microsoft's and install Huion's all works okay.

  • Hi Antonio Gonzalez, thank you for sharing in this topic. We've tested OneNote on our drivers and we were not able to replicate the issue. It is possible that it was just a glitch in the computer system used so reinstalling the driver should resolve the said issue. 

    Whenever you or anyone reading this topic encounter this kind of issue, kindly provide the following information:

    1. Microsoft Office version
    2. OneNote version
    3. Computer Operating System Edition and Version (Example: Windows 10 Pro Version 1909)
    4. Huion Tablet Driver version
    5. Tablet Serial Number (found at the back of the unit)

    Again, Antonio Gonzalez, we appreciate your contribution to this topic. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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