New Inspiroy H640P: Pen Sensitivity and Press Key issues

Hi, so I got the pen tablet, and was having trouble with the press keys only at first.  They wouldn't change from the default keyboard configurations.  So, I tried uninstalling, and reinstalling the driver.  Now, the press keys don't work, I can't open settings in the Huion Driver, and there is no pen sensitivity shown while drawing in Krita, even though pen sensitivity is turned on in the Krita program, and it recognizes it as a pen tablet.  (Krita supports Huion tablets)  I have no idea how to fix these issues.

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  • Hi rachel.christianaz, I saw the video you've sent through your ticket and since the tablet driver is showing as connected, the pen pressure issue may be caused by either the driver or the pen. However, the driver should not automatically close when you click on the Settings icon. I understand that you've already tried reinstalling the driver but may you please try to reinstall it again by following the steps below:

    1. Unplug your tablet from your computer
    2. Uninstall the current driver you have through the Control Panel or by using the Uninstall program
    3. Reboot your computer
    4. After rebooting, please download and install the latest driver for your tablet from this link: Huion H640P Graphic Tablet Drivers. When installing the driver, please make sure that your tablet is not connected to your computer, your antivirus is turned off and all your drawing programs are closed. You can check out this article as a guide: How to Install Huion Drivers on Windows
    5. After installing the driver, please plug your tablet back in and test if you can open the driver Settings this time. 
    6. Click on the "Digital Pen" tab on the driver and test if you have pen pressure in the driver's Pressure Test area. If you do, test if you now have pen pressure in Krita.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • It seems to be working again.  But that still begs the question of how can I set the presskeys to keyboard configurations of my choice?

    Thank you, Rachel

  • Hi rachel.christianaz, I'm glad that the driver is working fine now and you have pen pressure. To configure your tablet's press keys, please check out this article: How to Customize Press Keys and Digital Pen Button Functions for Specific Software. You can skip Steps #1-5 if you are only using Krita. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • hello @Orliza Amodia!! I have the same issue, not config express/soft keys because I've figured this out. My issue is when you press with your (my) finger on the keys the green light lights up fully and the driver says in control panel that it is registered and working properly. However 2 things are happening: 1: the keys aren't working in PS2021, but the pen is working just fine and so are the buttons on the pen, I have drivers on pen tablet and laptop fully updated to everything that is current, 2: I'm very unsure of how to import already config tablet settings. I have it saved in my own folder I created in Docs>>> HuionDriverSettings>>> Saved settings, and it is saved in this folder and when I go to that folder to import it doesn't let me. I've set the "open file" to the Huion Driver so it should already have no problem opening up through there and I've even saved a shortcut on my laptop home screen viewing area.             So in all:

    not sure why presskeys aren't working in PS when I've added the PS app to the selection of adding apps area in settings, and I'm not sure how to import already saved and configured tablet settings. I have sent in a help ticket as of yesterday but I do understand you guys are on a holiday so I thought I would reply on this forum just in case. Looking forward to hearing your response!

  • EDIT: forgot to mention I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers in all while updating them about 4/5 times throughout the beginning of this yr and last yr to see if there was any change. I got this pen tablet in summer of 2018 and just started using it continuously in the past 2 yrs. I have the HS610 v1 (2018)

  • Hi Sophie Darnell, since you mentioned "Control Panel", I'm assuming you are using a Windows computer, am I correct? If so, please make sure that you click on the "Administrator Privileges" button on the tablet driver to give the driver the necessary access to your computer. Also, please make sure that your shortcut keys are correct.

    To import your driver settings, you don't have to go to the folder. Just open your tablet driver, click "Import" and locate your file. The settings should automatically be applied when successful.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Regarding the issue - press keys does not work then make sure that the very small switch towards the other end (and on the edge) of the H640P is toggled. The press buttons should start working.

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