Huion wont repsond to my ticket!!

 I ordered the Kamvas 24 pro for my significant other as an anniversary present, and i STILL don't even have any responds to my ticket.  I understand that they are shippnig from China, but when i spend almost $100 on shipping a $900 product, i would expect at least a response to my ticket at MINIMUM.

Has anyone else had nightmare-ish experiences with this customer support.  I'm not even awake when their customer service representatives are online.

I always like supporting different Brands, and the value of the 24 pro is what drew it to me over other offerings.  But this doesn't bode well for huion as brand.

  • Hi Jacob Herman, thank you for choosing our product and we are sorry for the late reply since we don't have operations during the weekends. The processing time for an order is usually 2 business days and the shipment would normally take 7-15 business days. Your package is now in transit and due to the number of packages being shipped, your package was shipped in a bulk container together with other packages. As soon as your package reaches DHL's sorting facility, they will then provide more updates on the tracking site. It may take 3-4 business days for the tracking site to be updated. Thank you for your patience.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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