Huion HS610 Error Firmware Update

Hello everyone,

I've already made a support ticket about this issue but I'm starting this topic here for other's reference who's facing the same issue.

I recently got my HS610 on 18th July 2020. Driver installation went fine, but I do notice that the pen feels a bit too sensitive and doesn't feel 'as nice'. But since I just got the item I thought of setting up things properly first before reporting anything. I have installed the Firmware update software from Huion website, so I thought why not check if there's a newer firmware. After all, it's pretty common sense to update to the latest firmware for your hardware if there's a newer version, right? Or at least that's what I thought. So I proceeded to update the firmware as per the exact instruction. BAD MISTAKE there. When I disconnected the tablet, and then reconnected it while pressing button 1 and 5, the whole upgrading process suddenly crashed. I ended up with a non-working tablet. When connecting it to my PC, the light on the tablet doesn't light up, Huion driver doesn't detect it, and it shows up instead as "GD32 USB DFU in FS mode".

My problem up till this point is exactly like the one in this thread:

I proceeded to contact Huion support. Got a reply from the customer support agent on Monday (reasonable response time since I contacted them on Sunday). Here's the part I want to share with everyone regarding the whole process and response. So I was given a software package to downgrade the firmware on my tablet. Upon installation, it gave an error saying there's a missing .dll file. (refer to Error 1). I replied back to support and it took another couple of days just to have them send me the file with the missing .dll. 

Ok fine, I don't mind the wait. At this point, the installation went without a hitch, BUT just when things are looking great, the firmware installation failed with a "Update Error" (refer Error 2). Fyi, I have tried using 3 different computers all using Windows 10. Anti-virus was turned off, and I tried installing both with network turned on and off, still ended with an error. I replied back to support, and now I am told to wait for the reply from the engineering team. I took note Huion's support saying that they have high volume right now bla bla, but it baffles me to get only one response per day at best, especially when I am replying them during their exact time-zone working hours. 

I'm sure you guys can do better than one reply a day, especially for an issue that I know have happened many times before. I've been behind schedule for a week now due to this problem. And just to let Huion know, you guys should have specifically mentioned on your Firmware installer page that "users don't have to upgrade their firmware UNLESS there's an issue with the tablet". Instead, your info on when to or not to upgrade the firmware is hidden somewhere in the forum. My understanding with hardware firmware is that if there's a latest one, then I should upgrade for any improvement with OS, software compatibility, security patches and the likes. ALTHOUGH this seems not to be the case with Huion's firmware.

I've been using Wacom for years but I chose to give Huion a go because the product looks good to me and segmented very well. However issues like this and the lacking customer support are things thats making a lot of people complain. The issue I'm facing right now has happened to other people before, yet it's still takes a lot of trouble solving it. If anyone out there has similar experiences like mine, feel free to share your experience here with other members. By no means am I downgrading Huion or any of the sorts, I like your product and your customer support has been helping me. But seriously you guys can do better, and NEED to up your game.

Again, I'm writing this to see if I can get a better and faster response from your team. And also to share with others who might face similar problem since I've gone through your whole support page, the unofficial Reddit page, and some other places yet there's no resource about this problem at all. Looking forward to have a working tablet VERY SOON.


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  • Hi Che Ariffin, we apologize for all the hassle this issue may have caused. We thank you for your feedback on our support services and rest assured we will continue to find ways to be able to assist our product users as soon as possible. Due to the current situation as a result of the pandemic, we are experiencing higher than normal volume. We are doing our best to assist customers the soonest and we value your patience and understanding in this matter.

    With regard to our support pages, we will make the necessary updates to provide a clearer information to our users. 

    Once again, we appreciate your feedback since this will help us improve our products and services better. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I'm having the same issue! Did you manage to fix it? :( 

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