Huion610PRO V2

 I just now got my tablet today, and this isn't my first one. I was trying to use Krita and the pen kept jumping or lagging. I'll start trying to draw something and it'll jump to the end of the drawing without doing the first part. I downloaded the drive, the firmware and uninstalled the drive. I don't understand what's going as I have never had this happen to me in the past.

  • Hi Sophia's Café, thank you for purchasing our product and I'm sorry to know about your pen issue. When you installed the driver, does it show as "Device connected"? May I know the driver version you've installed and your computer's operating system? 

    Kindly try the following steps:

    1. Try to uninstall your current driver, unplug your tablet from your computer and plug it back in. Then test your tablet without the driver and see if the cursor still lags or still keeps on jumping.
    2. If it doesn't, then the issue is with the driver. If it still occurs, try to connect your tablet to another USB port or another computer (if you have access to another unit).
    3. If the issue still occurs even when plugged to another USB port and/or another computer, please provide the answers to my questions above so we can test your tablet further.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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