My H640P pen is not working anymore (PW100)

A couple of months ago (I think it was in May), I emailed Huion support because my 5 months pen (PW100) was not working anymore. I did not drop or anything. I was normally using it one night and, the day after that, it stopped working for no reason. 

After some tests, it was said by Huion that they would send me another pen, I would only have to pay for the shippment. I paid in Paypal, sent the confirmation number and I never even received the tracking number. 

I tried 3 times to contact Huion, and I always get the same automatic answer: 

"Kindly note that your order is confirmed today, as soon as the tracking number update, you will receive a confirmation shipping email. Then we will ship the product to you as soon as possible.

The package will arrive at you in 15-25 business days, please wait patiently. Thank you for your understanding." 

I am getting a little tired by now and I can say for sure that this is possibly the last time I am buying any Huion products after all the stress. 

I hope we can solve this problem as soon as possible. 

  • Hi Luisa Born, we apologize for the delay in shipping your pen replacement. After reviewing your concern, we were not able to successfully ship the item since we need your Tax ID number.  We've received the transaction number for the shipping fee payment through PayPal though and we thank you for that. We just need the requested information so we can move forward with the shipment. Again, we apologize for the delay due to the current situation. Kindly provide the needed information through your ticket. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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