Huion H640p is not responding

I had this drawing tablet for 10 months, it was nice and dandy and it worked fine. But the next 2 days it suddenly stopped working for some reason. The problem that I encounter is when I try to draw with the stylus that came with the table, the tablet will not respond 90 percent of the time, the light indicator will not respond even if the stylus was in the surface of the tablet, moreover the buttons on the tablet stopped working all together even though the blinker indicates that its being pressed and its says in the driver that it's connected to my laptop. But from time to time the tablet would respond to the stylus normally but the buttons is still not functional, i have to weirdly rotate my stylus and look at the blinker if I can find the right spot where my tablet can get the response from my stylus

Methods I tried using to fix the problem

1. uninstall and reinstalled the drivers

2. Tried using the firmware update, but there was none available for my tablet

3. Tried plugging and re plugging it to different USB ports

4. I've uninstalled my tablet from device manager to reset it properly

5. I've tried using previous versions of the drivers 

6. I tried it on my other laptop, but the same problem occurred. 

Here is the video to show th problem

  • Hi Rev Ned, thank you for providing a detailed explanation of your issue and for the list of all the steps you've taken so far. We really appreciate it. 

    I will convert your forum post to a ticket so we can further test your tablet using our software. We may also need your information to assist you further. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  • Thank you for your hard work, and for noticing my post

    I would like to add another weird problem that occurred yesterday:

    When i was trying to find some sort of solution to my problem, i found out that when I remove my pen nib from my stylus the tablet will 100 percent respond to my stylus but whenever I inserted the pen nib, it would back to being unusable, and while doing that, i also found out the when i tilt my stylus in a 45 degree angle, the table would recognize it 95 percent depending on how long I can hold the 45 degree hand posture. 

  • Hi Rev Ned, you're welcome and thank you for the update as well. As I've replied to your ticket, kindly try the following steps:

    1. Try using a different cable to connect your tablet to your computer, which is a Micro USB to USB cable. This cable type is usually used on some phone models.
    2. Please try to install the Driver_14.8.137 version which you can download from this link: Huion H640P Graphic Tablet Drivers. Please make sure to properly uninstall the current driver you have installed on your computer, unplug your tablet, turn off your antivirus, and close all drawing programs as you install the driver. Make sure that there are no other tablet drivers installed on your computer as well, either from us or other brands.

    If these won't resolve your issue, then it is possible that your tablet may be broken. All Huion products that are purchased from our authorized online and offline platforms come with a 1-year warranty so I would be more than happy to assist you with your warranty claim. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  • If it's, alright with you, I would like to have your assistance in getting the 1-year warranty. Since I'm new to this warranty process, please do assist me through the process.


  • Hi Rev Ned, I got your ticket reply and I have reviewed your video. Thank you so much for your cooperation. I have confirmed that your tablet is broken and I've replied to your ticket on the next steps to take to claim for your warranty. 

    I will now treat this forum post as solved since we will be processing your tablet replacement. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello ! I have been experiencing a similar issue with my HS64. I've only been using my tablet for 5 months and have never encountered something like it. I've tried all of the solutions you two have mentioned and plugged it to my phone but still no luck. It doesn't change when I remove the nib either. I'll work fine for a few minutes then go back to being all.. buggy? The indicator light and tablet sometimes doesn't even respond at all. The buttons on the tablet do work just fine though. Here's a video
  • Hi Jiali Estrada, I'm sorry but we can't access your video. May you please remove the restriction? Based on what you've mentioned that the tablet's buttons work just fine, it is possible that your issue is caused by your pen. But then, we still have to check so we can be certain if it is. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I've removed it !! Thank you for the quick response.
  • Hi Jiali Estrada, thank you for granting us access. From my initial observation, your pen may have caused the problem. I have created a ticket for you so we can further test your pen and tablet. If you don't see my email in your inbox, kindly check your spam or trash folders.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I've Been Having Similar Problems, I've had My Tablet For About 3-4 Months, And This Morning The Tablet Buttons Just Stopped Working, The Pen Is Fine And The Light On The Tablet Would Light Up When The Pen Gets Close, But Then When I Use The Buttons The Tablet Doesn't Respond At All.

    I've Tried Reintastalling The Driver, Unplugging And Plugging Back In The Usb Over 6 Times, And Updating & Closing My Software (Medibang Paint Pro), And Nothing Happens...I Can't Make A Video, So I Hope You Can Help Me With This Infomation. 

  • Hi Monika Alabi, kindly answer the following questions:

    1. Does the tablet driver show "Device disconnected"? 
    2. Does the tablet's light turn on when you press the tablet's buttons?
    3. What version of the tablet driver did you install?
    4. What is your computer's operating system and version?

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi, I had this problems too with Huion H640P, I did all the thing that Rev Ned did, but it doesn't work.

  • Hi Alexander, our software engineers are currently looking into this issue. Kindly send an email to if you haven't done so yet so a ticket number will be created for you and you can follow up through your ticket when a resolution becomes available. We are hoping for your patience as we look for a resolution to this issue.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hola, buena tarde.

    Tuve el mismo inconveniente que los demás usuarios, he comprado la Huion H640P, todo funcionaba perfectamente en mi MacBook Pro M1 2020 utilizando MacOs Monterrey, de un momento a otro no reacciona el Pen, he hecho todo lo que dicen pero nada a funcionado, la tablet se muestra encendida pero el Pen reacciona únicamente 3 segundos, después no funciona. Descargué antiguos Drives pero de igual forma sigue sin servir.

    Espero que me puedan colaborar lo más pronto posible ya que necesito utilizar todos los días la Tablet.


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