Driver malfunctioning (GT-191)

Driver will not install no matter which version I download, I've tried multiple times, have uninstalled it completely. It won't download one of the files in the setup wizard and I can't use my drawing tablet. This started when my pen calibration went off immensely and I couldn't open my driver, instead I was met with a permission request every single time I opened it

  • Hi cosmoni, may I know what driver versions have you tried so far? Before you experienced the calibration issue, what driver version were you using? Kindly provide the following information as well: 

    • Computer operating system
    • First 7 digits of your tablet's serial number that can be found at the back of your tablet (Example: xxDxxSH...)
    • The driver versions you've tried to install

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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